Hello, I am Greatone! Your trusted online assistant to advise on your Australia property investment.

— About Greatone —

With our focus in Australia dwelling properties as our start up, Greatone focuses on properties developed by Australian’s top & largest developers and construction companies. Greatone will ensure superior clients experiences and the best quality oversea property recommendations eligible for oversea buyers around the world including Hong Kong.

Simply see Greatone as your personal assistant or buddy who are expert in Australia property market who understand your needs and buying requirements in full. Through our interactive and artificial intelligent (“AI”) equipped technology, Greatone will provide you the new and best one-stop-shop superior buying experiences.

Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step


We are connected directly with the Australia developers without going through any agency.

Real Time

All oversea information available via Greatone are real time and most up-to-date with information directly fed from developers.

Cost Effective

By linking directly with the property developers, we can ensure the price through Greatone are obtained from developers without mark up.